Speakerkicker podcast with Max Tundra

SpeakerKicker first interview with Max Tundra

Max Tundra, sounds like the future. If you haven't heard Lysine, it was a fucking classic and he is a god damn legend. His signature sound is incredible melodies over bombastic beats. We were very lucky to have Max Tundra be our first guest, as he was hugely influential to us and made an impact on our playing and listening. There are some great points in this conversation, pardon the fuzz at points, and pardon the dust. Check out Max Tundra's soundcloud for some rare remixes, and gems of all sorts.

In 2018, Tundra wrote and produced the comeback album by Daphne and Celeste, entitled Daphne and Celeste Save the World. We get into it on the podcast. Scope it young blood. 

Special Thanks to the legendary Max Tundra for putting up with a re-do.