starring: Miles Teller, John Hawkes, Jenna Malone, Dir: Nicolas Winding Refn


TOO OLD TO DIE YOUNG is extremely miunderstood and trashed by everyone I know, except my brother and my buddy Kev P. Heres a few reasons why this show is actually incredible and NOT a David Lynch ripoff.

We start with Miles Teller (War Dogs, Whiplash) as a Sherrif’s department police officer who puts his ethical nature in the backseat of his police cruiser. The first episode starts at night, as most of Nicolas Winding Refn’s (Drive, Only God Forgives, Pusher trilogy) films do. A sense of dread, and the pulsating electro score by Cliff Martinez (Drive, Traffic, Sex, lies and videotapes) Martin, played by Teller is a quiet but corrupt cop who is well connected with the underworld gangsters and thugs. He is also a hitman by night for these characters. Teller gives a brilliantly subdued performance, he truly shines on episode 5 of this show. Unfortunately, it’ll go overlooked, Fortunately, he has Top Gun 2 coming soon.

The pacing of this entire series is purposefully slow. It wants to you get immersed, whether its the dark underbelly of LA, or the blistering sun that ignite the Mexican cartel. Episode 2 is basically entirely in Mexico and in español. I’m actually convinced someone at Amazon got fired for making this entire series. Or, its just a taste of things to come, which is, giving artistic freedom to auteur directors that cannot open movies anymore.

Its brutally violent and it doesn’t relent that fact. I do have my qualms with this series. It has nothing to do with pacing, I for one believe the pacing is extremely quick, remember I also think Gerry by Gus Van Sant is a masterpiece and one of his best. Alright relax.

Yaritza is the spanish girl in this show, empress of death, shes cold as hell. What a weirdo character, she does some wild shit in the later episodes, obviously I won’t divulge that info here. But lets just say she knows how to use a knife.

Overall, I enjoyed this series for what it was, Cannes film festival got to see episode 5 and 6, and the director Winding Refn actually said that you don’t need to watch the show in order, just start any episode. Which to his genius, he is right. I actually stopped episode two at one point cause I wanted to see the seedy LA lifestyle and the corrupt cop storyline.

Which brings me to one of the fuckin’ Baldwin brothers is in this show. I think its Michael or Daniel, (I’m being told there isn’t a Michael) but goddamn he steals the show. Daniel Baldwin is a creepy father of the seventeen year old that Miles Teller’s character is banging as a cop. It gets crazier from there, Also Daniel Baldwin does this crazy tick in the show that is borderline scary.

This show gets a solid B+ from me, for excellent cinematography, Billy Baldwin’s cocaine drip, batshit crazy violence. John Hawkes in a very beautifully acted show. I wish there were tighter story lines, and a little more. Just a little more.

B+ don’t show your kids or your grandmother.